District Hunts 2013/02014

District 2
1st Place: Abolt 10 Red Fox & 3 Raccoon = 23 pts
2nd Place: Seeking_Coyotes 6 Red Fox = 12 pts
Both won Bee's O'Brien hand call package

District 4 Buddy Hunt
1st Place: Misterjake23 & Bowman66 - 3 Red Fox
2nd Place: Bulldog & Foxhunter1014 -1 Raccoon
Both won $50 Gift Card and Bee's O'Brien call of choice

District 5 Last chance fox hunt
No animals entered

District 6 Love of the hunt,
Huntin4Yotes - 1 Coyote - Bee's O'Brien hand call

Mid Summer Woodchuck Hunt
MisterJake23 - EWCalls Head Light


This year the PPHA held a season long season species specific hunt. There was quite a bit of participation.

Winners by category:

  • Raccoon (12) Bowman66 - Darin Hosier received a Bee's O'Brien hand call and a Night Eyes shoot light
  • Red Fox (35) Seeking_Coyotes - Mike Huff received a Bee's O'Brien hand call and a Night Eyes shoot light
  • Grey Fox (12) Lazy Lizard - Anthony Domitrovich received a Bee's O'Brien hand call and Night Eyes Head Light
  • Coyotes No Entries

Thank you to all the officers of the PPHA for putting this statewide hunt together for the members. We would also like to thanks our sponsors FoxPro, Bee's O'Brien Game Calls, and Night Eyes for their donation of hunt prizes.

Members get;

1yr free subscription to Predator Extreme.

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