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Loading Unique Sounds to your electronic caller
« on: March 02, 2016, 07:45:55 PM »
I call them my "You Got Busted Sounds"   I took Randy Anderson DVD  and loaded his bugle sounds to my FX5 and now my ICOtec GC 500.  Don't ask me how I did it but I got the link loaded and it worked when I moved them to my FX5... My FP FX5 also has Randy singing "Come Here Little Coyote!"  Alabama Singing The Star Spangled Banner, and I even put a few of my favorite songs on there. Harmonica music from The Good The Bad  & the Ugly CD..  The bugle sounds are neat... Taps with coyote barking and howling just like on the DVD..  The Calvary Charge, and of Course Reveille ....  I know when I first hunted with my FX5.. Oh my instead of activating a predator sound.. All of a sudden I hear the Star Spangled Banner blazing away up on Baldy Mountain near Wilkes Barre.. I busted myself.. However over the years I have used it many of times clowning around of course but when you hunt in the daytime you get the people stalking your calling.. Sometimes they have guns with them to and not a hiking staff... So don't do what I did and put many on there but you should put some kind of sound on your caller should you get busted by someone and you want to yank their chain..     Figure your hunt is over already.. you my as well have them piss themselves...