Author Topic: The Coyote Bark stay away from it unless you know what your doing  (Read 1704 times)

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All canines when they Bark they are telling every like animals that there is danger or it could be they came from behind you and you didn't know it... There are only two times I bark when calling....  2 Barks and a short how is the male and or female Challenge howl.. 2 Barks and a long howl is the male or female Invitational Howl...  The only difference is knowing to do the male vocal on a deeper sounding howler and of course the females ... On a higher pitched howler. Just like most females they have a higher pitched voice..  See that the coyote mammals are just like the human mammals most times.  So you may ask where I learned this.. By listening to Randy Anderson sounds on the Primos electronic callers he sells. Also Major Boddicker also has an excellent how cassette and his book that comes with the open reed predator calls are awesome.. Why you all should own a the Crit-R-Call Song Dog Jr. because the book comes free with that...

I once was told that you never bark three times either.. I can't prove this so I just stay away from it... Many callers will do what ever the coyotes are doing in the distance.. So if they are barking and your barking you might be agreeing with them that yes there is danger in the woods.??????????????
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