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So the last month or so i've been hunting this farm down the road from my house here in Dauphin Co. The farm is LOADED with hogs, so much so the farmer has called me due to the number of holes he has in his fields. I suppose he's losing some tires on his tractor while working the fields from what it sounds. Anyways, there is this one big momma hog I seem to never get a shot at. Due to safety zones, and shot angles, I couldn't enter the field any other direction, has to be one way in and one way out, shooting in that direction. This hog would always be within 20 feet of her hole it seemed, that was along a tree line. The past month or so when I went up there to set up, she would hussle back into her hole without stoping giving me no chance to pull up the .223 with a scope and all to take an accurate shot. This time I've out smarted the dirty rascal, brought along my 12 guage loaded with #4 Buckshot, and just as weeks before, she ran from out of the clover field straight for her hole and just as she was about to get in she got a few pellets from my trusty Rem 870 pump.

Now the open to the public tourny I was talking about...This is not a PPHA event, but a local sportsmans shop is running an on going groundhog hunt from may1st-july 30th. Kinsey's Outdoors in Mt. Joy, PA (in district 2 of the PPHA), is the host shop having the contest. Entry fee is $7 dollars/catagory. You can hunt in the firearms or the archery divsion, or both paying a seperate entry fee for each. Prizes are 1st-50% total prize money 2nd-30% and 3rd- 20%. Contestants are scored on the best combined weight of 5 hogs. You may shoot as many and enter as many hogs as you want, your heaviest 5 will count. Also, whoever enters the most hogs each month will recieve a $15 gift card prize for Kinsey's Outdoors. You are not allowed to register a hog until after 24 hrs after you have registered your name for the contest (so my kill today is in the fridge  :-\ ). You may turn in hogs up to 48 hrs after the kill. No rotten/stinky hogs will be accepted. You discard your own carcasses. No roadkills, trapped animals, or team hunting. You can find out all the rules and regs through or calling 717-653-5524.
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