About the Pennsylvania Predator Hunters Association:

The state is divided into 6 districts as shown above which allows association members to take full advantage of their home locality.

Members will then have the ability to participate in local meetings/events and develop friendships with local members sharing the same hunting interests.



President: Joseph Bizub
Vice President: Open
Treasurer: Joseph Bizub
Secretary: Mike Zon

Regions Board of Directors:

District 1 - North East VP: Darin Hosier
District 2 - South East VP: Nat Tacchino
District 3 - North Central VP: Jake Clevenger
District 4 - South Central VP: Paul Simmons & Jim Whitmore
District 5 - North West VP: Mike Griffith
District 6 - South West VP: Mike Zon

A Special Thanks: A Personal "Thank You" to all members who have volunteered their time to be officers of the club.

Pennsylvania Predator Hunters Association

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