Author Topic: This song remeinds me of coyote hunting when the eyes just disappear!!!!r  (Read 1292 times)

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I was out calling the other morning... I  had two coyotes come right in front of the speaker at the  35 min mark when the Coyote Challenge sequence was going off.. Now I was using a shotgun and MY MISTAKE  I had the red LED light wide open...There they stood in the bushes but I just wasn't sure because of the deer on the farm.. I was 99% sure they were coyote but Right before I put the closed in beam on them they were GONE   The Eyes Were Gone!!!

This song makes me think of what happens when you hunt coyotes at night and you have to make sure they are not deer.. There Gone Like  A Freight Train Going down the Line  and they Are Never Coming Back!!!

uncle buck

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Lesson learned my scanning light on my head will never be set in the wide open position again.. It will be closed at the small intense beam...See I was waiting for them to come along the edge of the heavy grass.  The least resistance HA HA... They came right through the heavy grass and woods right in front of the speaker.. Probably would have shot the speaker that's how close they were to it too..

 As far as the wide open light...That what the  100 red Killight on the barrel will do for you.. you don't need your scanning light to be wide open. You need to ID ASAP and more light at a pinpointed area will do that for you..some of these Pa coyotes are smart critters!!!

You have to make the ID fast make sure it's not a deer and take em!!!! GONE gone Gone  gone GOOOOOOOOOONE!!!!

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I hear you brother..Ive been keeping the scan light tight just to pick out the eyes and then lights out!!
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