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« on: October 31, 2012, 09:18:45 AM »
This year the officers decided to do a species specific hunt.  there are 4 categories.

coyote, Gray fox, Red fox, and coon.  There will be a first place prize awarded to each of the categories at the end of the season.  it goes off of the most amount harvested in a season.

must be killed in pa.
must be called.
all pgc rules apply
you must be a member to participate.

checkin rules.
This will be a bit different from past hunts.  You must post a picture of your animals within a week of harvest.  a time stamp must be in the photo either wrote down on piece of paper or on the camera.  either is fine.  You must have them animals posted within 7 days of harvesting to be considered for the hunt.  you must also have a sign that says PPHA species specific hunt 2012 on it.

hunt starts at 12:01am October 20th and ends at 11:59pm feb 16th

prizes for each of the categories.
coyote---western river
gray fox---- spitfire
red fox-----hs atractor
coon ----coon light

anyone can win multiple divisions.  so we could have one winner for all four species.  please post a three digit number in case of a tie it will go off of feb 17ths evening daily number.

Thank you and good luck.  any questions please let me know.

here is a good example of what needs to be on the sign to checkin a animal.  please make sure that you are including everything that is needed on the sign and that you are doing it in the correct time frame.  I do not want a repeat of what happened last year. 

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