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Re: Sharing your knowledge
« Reply #45 on: June 04, 2010, 04:17:58 PM »
Not to interrupt a good scuffle.  But I was wondering why does it have to be a post UB? why not something more like a informational pamplet ,if education is one of your goals or just throwing stuff out to see if it sticks why not short educational films.  I've saw the links to photobucket,

One of the reasons I'm a lurker and not a poster is I'm a recreational hunter not the hardcore type.  I hunt when I feel like it and I stay home when I feel like it and whether or not I kill anything isn't all that important.  I suspect there's a lot of people like me that don't feel qualified to advise anybody and this is one sport where there seems to be dozens of ways to go about it.  One other thing coyote/red fox hunting in pa is brutal as everyone here already knows and no doubt people get excited at first but when they find out how tough it is they quit so I gotta believe some turnover is to be expected.

One other thing if someone could help me out with this, I saw in predator extreme I think it was where the author had a sign he put in his vehicle window with info about him and it had somekind of a club logo on it.  I bring this up because I had an incident with a state trooper back in january who stopped by my truck to see what I was doing.  He didn't harass me really but when I came out of the woods out in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night and I could see a vehicle parked behind me and then someone called out to me by name in a voice I didn't recognize, to be honest it scared me a little bit.  Maybe if I had something like that, that I could print out and use, it might not only save some misunderstandings but be PR for the club.  Just a thought.

Okay now you can continue,,, lol

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Re: Sharing your knowledge
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when i went hunting with UB he had a magnet sticker with predator hunter on it  and his contact information that he stuck right on the car, I keep meaning to order one but keep forgetting.  I got a new truck this year and have contacted a few of the farms to let them know i have a new vehicle. just hoping i don't forget any. 

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Re: Sharing your knowledge
« Reply #47 on: June 05, 2010, 03:19:55 PM »
The vanhas a metal finish so the magnetic attachment works great.. However the Foxmobile, AKA Saturn 2 is not metallic so the magnetic sign will not stick on there... However I prefer the Foxmobile since every landowner that allows me to hunt knows when they see the Foxmobile that it's someone hunting there that has permission...However the sign does work...Also when using the magnetic sign, the police will just stop and drive way...Since they know It's me....

However one negative thing...If you have your home phone number on the magnetic sign...PETA will call you every night...Nice to be loved..  Actually I kind of enjoyed all the attention they were giving me..However after daily night time calls I  discontinued service of my regular phone..
Wow...Now I am saving money all kind of money thanks to that there sign having my phone number on it...