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Re: Questions from a new guy
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I heard from a knowledgable person on my site that you should never bleach a skull.  Have someone do the beetles for you or you can hang it in a tree and bury it.  If you boil it the teeth fall out.....Again have someone that does the beetles perform this for you...I know he does not use bleach either... Um might be Peroxide???????Maybe?????

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Re: Questions from a new guy
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thanks uncle buck Id hate to get a nice coyote or fox skull and ruin it.  I think I heard of someone in the area with the beetles. I will have to look into that

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Re: Questions from a new guy
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Waterfowler, I have a buddy that does great work.  Derek Frank of Franks Skull Cleaning.  You can check his website out if you want  He lives in Biglerville.
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