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« on: September 29, 2018, 08:59:21 PM »
The PPHA is pleased to announce the 2nd junior season long hunt.


1. The contest is open to junior hunters ages 12-16
2. All junior hunters must be accompanied by a current paid PPHA member
3. All Pa game laws apply
4. All animals must be called in
5. All animals must be harvested in Pa
6. The adult may run the lights and calls for night hunting. The junior hunter must be the shooter
7. The PPHA reserves the right to disqualify anyone suspected of not complying with the rules.
This contest will run all season long from 0ct 20- Feb 16 2019. To give the junior hunters every opportunity to harvest furbearers.

This will be an Internet check in hunt. You will enter your harvest pictures within 24 hours of the kill on Facebook. You must be in the picture with the harvest animal displaying the appropriate sign. The sign will be announced prior to the hunt.

All junior hunters must enter a 3 digit tie breaker number. The 3 digit tie breaker number will be based off Feb 17 evening daily number.

This will be a point system hunt. The junior hunter with the highest number of points at the end of the season is the winner of this hunt.

              Point System
Bobcat-          15 points
Coyote-          10 points
Red/Grey fox- 5 points
Raccoon       - 1 point   

Prizes for this hunt is generously donated by our sponsors.

Foxpro Patriot ecaller
Tony Tebbe $50 sound gift certificate

You will enter on our Facebook page along with your 3 digit tie breaker number.

Thank you and good luck this season